Roberto Placido

Son of Dominican immigrants, I was born and raised in New York City. Although I grew up in a predominantly baseball and basketball community, futbol always had a place in my heart. In his early 20s, my dad spent some time in Barcelona. He would always talk about the team and how one day I would grow to love the sport. In 2006 Ronaldinho and the Nike ‘Joga Bonito’ campaign swept across the New York area and I was officially hooked. Watching the beautiful game through the feet of Ronaldinho, as he wore the blaugrana shirt, ignited a passion for the sport, city and team. For many years, I was unable to share this with anyone. In 2011, penya member Lisandro Polanco would introduce me to the Penya. The energy, intensity, and family atmosphere instantly captivated me.

I am committed to making sure our montra of “Mes que una Penya” is felt throughout the entire city. We are bigger than sport. We are a nation, united by a passion of the blaugrana. That passion is exhibited through community service, our devotion to our members, and our love for the crest.

Visca Barca!