Member Benefits

  • Penya T-Shirt
  • Priority access to all games at Smithfield, including El Clásico
  • 10% discount on all food and drinks ordered at Smithfield Hall NYC at all times
  • Personalized ID’s – These include the NYC Penya ID, FCB Penya ID, and a Digital ID
  • Invitations to members only events
  • Discounts on all Penya merchandising (shirts, scarves, etc.)
  • Tax-Deductible membership fees and donations (the Penya is now a Non-Profit!)
  • 15% discount on FC Barcelona games at the Camp Nou and reduced rates at the museum and club shop in Barcelona.
  • Exclusive membership on the brand new Penya NYCFCB Chant app
  • Win Exclusive Prizes!
  • Connect with other penyistes across the country!
  • Share photos and videos of your experiences watching games!
  • Share photos and videos of your experiences watching games!
Smithfield celebration

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the membership last for?

A membership is good for the Liga season and including Champions League and Spanish Cup.

When will I get my ID?

ID’s are printed three times during the season. The earlier you join the sooner you’ll get your ID. They will be mailed to the address you provide when you sign up.

How do I get Penya merchandise?

Clicking on Merchandising at the top navigating menu will take you to the Penya Shopify website.

Alternatively, at the any game or event with the Penya, ask any present Board member or represenative, and they will help you purchase Penya merchandise.

Can I become a Soci through the Penya?

Yes, we can help you become a Soci.

Can I purchase tickets through the Penya?

Yes, if a Penya member is going to Barcelona they can email us at to see if there are tickets available. We can usually accommodate most games aside for El Clásico or the Champions League elimination rounds.

Will Penya members have a chance to meet the Barça players?

Our experience has shown us that it is not likely to receive visits from any Barça current players. The restrictions that coaches place on the squad, and other conflicts with events set up for major Barça sponsors and partners will more than likely prevent them from “randomly” showing up at Smithfield Hall.

But, in some special events, through the years we've had visits from Barcelona legends such as Ronaldinho, Henry, Belletti, and others. And we are working closely with La Liga and FC Barcelona to have new opportunities.