Hala Abouseido

I was born in the Middle East and grew up in Jersey (NJ). My favorite childhood memory of being in the Middle East was of my little brother and I going to the local football games with my father. I would usually sit to my dads left and my brother to his right, where my father would wrap us under his coat from each side to avoid the desert cold. I’d wait for a goal just to hear my father and the crowd get excited and be able to jump and cheer with them. Since those days I’ve always had love for the great game, sadly I wasn’t coordinated enough to actually play.

My love for Barca started around 2004/2005 and once again influenced by my fathers love for football and Barca. The more I watched the games and learned about the history of the club, the more I was hooked. It truly is in every way “mes que un club”, which makes me a proud supporter.

For years I would make my local bars play the games or purchase the channels necessary to watch La Liga games. By chance I spoke to a fellow fan that mentioned the NYC Penya and that’s when I signed up for my membership. Over time as a Penya member, I have made not only great friends but a Barca family! I absolutely love being a part of this group and can’t wait to share more awesome experiences with all of you. Visca Barca!!!!