Alex Chicote

Born and raised in Barcelona. My family has the same season ticket seats since 1957 when Camp Nou was inaugurated. But when I was a kid I was not able to use them: I had to hide under the seat if my team was not winning big. I even had the opportunity to play for FC Barcelona youth teams when I was 10.

So it was natural for me once I moved to NYC over 12 years ago to keep following my team. When my wife told me, back then my girlfriend, that some “euros” were watching games close to her apartment and it happened to be also the FC Barcelona fans, I knew it was meant to be. Since then Penya has become the place to go, enjoy my passion for Barca, meet with friends and have a lot of fun. This is the way I want Penya to be: it has to be a place for everybody (including families) where we can share our passion with our team and build friendships and help each other.