Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long is my membership good for?

A. Membership is good for the Liga season and including CL finals should FCB make it that far.

Q. When will I get my ID?

A. ID’s are printed three times during the season ( mid Sept., Nov., and Mar), the earlier you join the sooner you’ll get your ID. They will be mailed via post to the address you provide when you sign up.

Q. What are the benefits of becoming a Penya member?
  • Yearly Penya gift
  • 10% off your tab at Smithfield Hall
  • 15% off at Upper90 stores
  • Discounts on Penya merchandise
  • Access to game tickets at Camp Nou
  • 5% discount on merchandise at FCB Botiga at Camp Nou
  • Priority access to El Clasico viewing party at Smithfield Hall
  • Exclusive raffles for FC Barcelona memorabilia throughout the season
  • Exclusive access to FC Barcelona experiences (whenever applicable)  
Q. Can a minor join?

A. Yes and we encourage this. More details

Q. How do I obtain Penya merchandise?

A. Normally, various representatives of the Board are present during the games. Speak to them at any point during a match and they will help you purchase Penya merchandise.

Q. Will Penya FC Barcelona NYC be receiving any official visits from FC Barcelona representatives?

A. Please be aware that FC Barcelona has a tendency of sharing information with us at the very last minute. If any visits do take place, then it will be a “Members only” event. We will email an invite to the Penya Members with the necessary details to such events.

Q. Can I meet Messi?

A. Sure, we meet to watch him play every game! 🙂

Q. Do you know where the team will be staying if they come to New York?

A. We do not have this information but it may be available through Catalan sports media or the FCB website in the days leading up to the a visit.  Generally speaking, we will not publicize or condone following players and coaches out of respect for the privacy and safety of players.

Q. Can I visit the Park Avenue FCB office?

A. While we have been instrumental in its inception, we do not conduct business at the park avenue office and it’s run independently from the Penya.

Q. Will Penya members have a chance to meet the Barça players?

A.Our experience has shown us that it is not likely to receive visits from any Barça current players.

The restrictions that coaches place on the squad, and other conflicts with events set up for major Barça sponsors and partners will more than likely prevent them from “randomly” showing up at Smithfield Hall

Q. Where do you guys get together to watch games?

A. We watch all of our games at Smithfield Hall- 138 W 25th St, New York, NY 10001